Metal Barn Kits are Modern Engineering Solutions

Metal Barns

Why are metal barn and metal barn buildings better? The fact of the matter is there’s not much you can’t do with today’s metal barn kits. Unlike traditional barns built with wood, steel barns don’t rot, warp, or fade, need much less maintenance, and are truly made to last! A custom metal barn solution has become very popular for backyard use, farm use, agricultural applications, vehicle and equipment parking, general storage, and so much more. Interested in learning more? Then keep reading.

What Makes a Steel Barn Better?

What’s better about a 21st century steel barn kit, versus going with an older pole barn or stick-built design? Plenty. Steel is much stronger than wood, more resilient, and also more cost-effective as a construction material. Here are just a few features worth noting:

Tough and Durable

Steel barns won’t rot or warp like wood barns, and they’re engineered to endure greater stresses. Mother Nature’s list of threats, including rain, snow, wind, lightning, and even earthquakes pose less danger to stee-built barns.

Pest-Resistant and Fire-Resistant

Steel doesn’t attract termites, rodents, or other pests, and isn’t harmed by them either. Steel plays a poor host for mold and mildew, too. You really can’t say the same for a wooden barn. In addition, steel is naturally noncombustible, so it’s more fire-resistant as well.

Completely Customizable

The versatility of steel tube framing allows for the creativity of architectural design, along with a 100%-usable clear-span interior space that needs no interior columns or supports. It’s also easier to expand or adapt metal barns than it is a wooden barn.

Less Required Maintenance

Metal barns need much less ongoing maintenance, and are easier to clean too. In most cases, you can simply hose it off, hose it out, and let it air dry. This feature alone makes a metal barn particularly ideal for farms, ranches, and other agricultural applications. And the exterior metal paneling colors won’t chip, peel, or fade like paint often does on wood surfaces.

Insurance Savings

Thanks to galvanized steel’s strength, durability, and built-in fire resistance, you can also benefit from having lower property insurance premiums by choosing a steel barn. That’s just one more cost-benefit you get by partnering with Metal Barn Central to provide your new barn building!

How Can You Customize a Metal Barn?

You have more options available to you than you may realize with a custom metal barn. You get to choose the building dimensions, building design, framing and paneling gauges, doors, windows, colors, and more!

Barn Dimensions –

You can go with something small like a hay barn, or you can design a commercial barn that’s 70’ wide, or larger. You’ve got plenty of options when it comes to building length and height, too.

Barn Design –

The vertical roof style is the best way to go for all types of metal buildings, but you’ve still got choices when it comes to barn design. A raised center barn (also known as a step-down barn, drop-down barn, or Carolina barn) features a larger center section that’s flanked by shorter lean-to sections on either side. These look more like traditional barns, while being more practical and functional. Straight roof barns (also known as continuous roof barns or Seneca barns) are defined by a single, continuous roof slope with a central roof peak. These barns work especially well for handling heavier wind and snow loads, while still offering the same amount of usable interior space.

Steel Gauge Options –

14-gauge steel is a common standard for metal building framing, but you can choose a thicker 12-gauge steel frame for larger builds and/or increased durability. You also have different thickness options to choose from for the metal roofing and side paneling.

A Range of Attractive Colors –

Classic barn red isn’t your only option. Metal Barn Central offers 17 different colors for your roofing, paneling, and trim, and you can even choose a two-tone wainscot look if you like.

Clear Panels –

Want to add some skylights, or turn your metal barns into a greenhouse? You can choose to install as many clear panels as you want.

Multiple Foundation Possibilities –

What type of foundation will you choose for your barn? We have specialty anchors we can use to secure your barn to concrete, asphalt, gravel, or even plain, level ground.

Easy Barn Access –

You decide the number, type, and placement of all barn entry points. We offer manual roll-up doors, electric roll-up doors, walk-in doors, open frame-outs, and window installation, too.

Built to Local Code –

Is building certification a requirement in your area? Metal Garage Central can certify your barn to meet any local code, including meeting or exceeding any specified minimum wind and snow load ratings.

More Ways to Customize, Too!

Choose Metal Barn Central for Your Custom Metal Barn Solution

Metal Barn Central provides top-quality custom steel structures, and our metal barns prices are something else you’re sure to appreciate. We’re proud to maintain a high level of personalized customer service, too. Need some good financing or rent-to-own payment plans? We’ve got them at Metal Barn Central!

We can also deliver and install your custom metal barn at NO extra charge within our 46-state service area. Interested in picking up a custom metal barn kit you can install yourself at a discount? We’re happy to provide that option, as well.

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