Is it Safe to Use Metal Buildings for Agriculture?

An Introduction to Metal Buildings, Farms, and Agricultural Growth

Metal farm buildings have made an enormous dent in modern agricultural practices in recent years. They’re durable, can be quickly constructed, require very little maintenance, and withstand some of the harshest environments possible. It’s no wonder that these incredible building types have become an immensely popular option for farmers and their families.

In the last 50 years, corporate farming has moved into agriculture, consolidating smaller family farms into larger businesses. These farming entities have an inherent need for larger storage facilities to adequately store crops, large equipment, and livestock. This development of agricultural practices has directly affected the metal building industry, creating a dramatic increase in the need for facilities capable of hosting an increasing number of livestock and gear.


What Type of Metal Structures Can You Build on Agricultural Land?

Steel buildings are among some of the most versatile construction methods available, capable of providing storage space, offering protection from the elements, and even providing finished living spaces. These buildings have an incredible range of use and can be utilized as:

1. Metal Farmhouses

Farmhouses are the home base for any family-owned farming operation. Metal buildings can easily be insulated and finished to create a warm, cost-effective home for farmers and agricultural workers.

2. Metal Barns

Most people picture red wooden barns as the quintessential ‘barn.’ But times are changing, and metal structures now make up a considerable portion of new agricultural construction due to their low costs and sheer longevity. Wooden structures are prone to fire damage and can quickly decay if not well-maintained. However, steel buildings are designed to require minimal maintenance while lasting for years.

3. Livestock Shelters

Many farmers need shelter to protect their animals from the elements. There is no better way to safeguard your livestock than by using a metal building. Metal buildings provide a fantastic enclosed space for your animals. In addition to providing shelter from cold or heat, metal buildings can help protect the surrounding environment from damage from livestock seeking shelter and shade.

4. Loafing Sheds

Loafing Sheds are three-sided structures engineered to offer horses a secure, covered area to rest and relax away from the heat and cold. This can effectively increase the amount of time horses can remain outside in warm and cooler weather.

5. Hay and Feed Storage

All farmers require storage for their hay and feed, and larger enterprises need a ton of open square footage to accommodate these supplies. Metal buildings provide an excellent means of safeguarding your animal’s food supply without having to worry about mold, mildew, and rampant pests.

6. Equipment Storage

Farmers that work larger plots of land require the assistance of many pieces of equipment. Some of these tools are enormous and must be housed in buildings large enough to accommodate them. Metal buildings offer a tremendous amount of open square footage, perfect for housing agricultural equipment of any size and type.

7. Cold Storage

Cold-storage facilities are essential for many farmers. These buildings can help minimize crop loss and extend storage capabilities, allowing farmers to make the most out of their crops and supplies without fear of spoilage.

8. Riding Facilities

Metal buildings make a fantastic solution for farmers that raise horses and want ample space to train them. Horses require a ton of exercise to remain healthy. Having a horse facility with clear, open square footage is one of the best ways to ensure that owners have the space to take care of their horses and animals regardless of the outside elements.

42x25x12 Metal Barn Building


Are Metal Buildings Safe to Use for Agriculture?

Wooden structures like barns, farmhouses, and storage buildings are susceptible to pests, water damage, and general rot. This is why, in rural areas, you’ll often see dilapidated wooden structures that have not fared so well against the test of time. And that’s precisely why steel is the safer alternative! Steel buildings offer more protection than just about any other construction material. It’s one of the strongest building materials known to man and is resistant to just about anything Mother Nature can throw at it.

1. Long-lasting Value

In terms of sheer longevity, steel can’t be beaten. Metal buildings are engineered to resist elemental hazards, UV rays, water damage, and pests, allowing them to survive for years and years beyond most stick-built structures. With metal buildings being one of the most cost-effective building methods, you’ll save money during and long after construction.

2. Versatility and Aesthetic Appeal

It doesn’t have to look like a ‘metal building!’ Steel structures are some of the most versatile construction methods on the market and can be constructed to fit almost any aesthetic, from the traditional to the contemporary.

3. The Importance of Pest Resistance

If you’re a farmer, you’re well-versed in the fight against pests. Mice, termites, and thousands of creepy crawlies wait in the wings to damage buildings, crops, and many farmer’s livelihoods. This is another reason metal structures have risen to the forefront of modern agriculture. Steel buildings are inherently pest-resistant and can help farmers keep unwanted guests from accessing their animal’s food supply.



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