Factors in Determining the Cost of a New Metal Building

Metal Structures Are Great Building Solutions

Sure, wood-framed buildings have been around for a long time, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best solution to meet your needs. Choosing custom steel buildings can offer many advantages, including both building performance and cost-effectiveness. Metal buildings for sale are also more affordable than many people realize. Let’s look closer at metal building prices, and at how steel building cost is calculated.

The Many Benefits of Choosing Metal Buildings

Let’s start by examining what’s great about owning a metal building in the first place. To begin with, steel structures aren’t susceptible to moisture in the same way that wooden buildings are. Galvanized steel doesn’t rot like wood, and it offers superior protection from sun, wind, rain, snow, and severe weather. Steel isn’t threatened by termites or other pests, either. Whereas fire is a more prevalent concern for a wood-built structure, steel is naturally incombustible, so you’ll have fewer fire worries with a steel building.

Steel is both more sturdy and more flexible as a construction material, too. It’s easier to expand or adapt a steel structure to meet your future needs. Ongoing maintenance is also easier. Stick builds need frequent staining or repainting, but a steel building doesn’t require the same amount of refinishing. Steel structures are also very easy to clean – a hose attachment or pressure washer is all you need!

Calculating Metal Building Prices

So, what will a metal building actually cost you? The short answer when it comes to metal building pricing, is that it really depends on a few key factors. Every steel structure we provide at Metal Barn Central is custom-designed and precision-engineered to meet your exact specifications! Here are the major factors that will decide your metal building price:

Building size

This should go without saying, but the bigger your metal building, the higher you can expect the price to be. Makes sense, doesn’t it? But also keep in mind that your cost-per-square-foot generally goes down with a larger building. For example, you’ll get more bang for your buck with a 48’-wide metal building than you will with a 30’-wide steel structure.

Building design and complexity

When it comes to choosing a light-gauge steel structure, you’re in the driver’s seat as far as building design is concerned. There are many popular styles of metal buildings we offer, but you have the freedom to create your own custom building plan with our easy-to-use 3D Design Tool as well.


When you partner with Metal Barn Central, you have many customization options from which to choose. The options you decide upon will also have an impact on the final building price:

  • Do you want your building solution to be an open-air shelter, a partially-enclosed structure, or a fully-enclosed building?
  • Do you want to go with standard 14-gauge steel framing, or would you benefit by upgrading to our more robust 12-gauge steel framing?
  • For the roof and side paneling, would you prefer a 29-gauge steel, or a thicker, stronger 26-gauge?

We offer a wide palette of color options at no extra charge, or you can select one of our premium colors that comes with a slight upcharge. If you prefer, you can also go with an attractive two-tone (wainscot) look for your exterior metal siding.

What points of entry and access would you like, and where would you like to place them on your building? We offer different sizes and options for roll-up garage doors, walk-in doors, windows, and frame-outs.

Building certification

Depending on your specific installation location, minimum wind and snow load certification may be required. Metal Barn Central is able to provide custom steel structures to meet any local building code within our 46-state service area.

World steel market

We only source the best-available steel from top manufacturers – including American steel providers – but steel material prices can and do vary based on the current state of the world steel market. What a steel building cost a few years ago is really no predictor of what a steel building may cost now, due to material costs. The good news? By placing your order with us and making your down payment now, you can lock in your price and won’t have to worry about any possible fluctuations in material costs.

Site foundation

What type of foundation will you choose for your metal building? Concrete, asphalt, gravel, or plain level ground? Just note that Metal Barn Central doesn’t provide any ground preparation or paving services ourselves. But the good news is that the foundation you choose for your metal building is really up to you. If your intended building usage and local building code don’t require a paved foundation, you don’t have to spend the money to have one poured. As long as your installation site is cleared and level, we can install it on most any surface.

Delivery and installation

And speaking of delivery and installation, we’ve got more good news for you. Whenever you decide to partner with Metal Barn Central, you’re eligible to receive delivery and installation of your metal building at NO extra charge in any of our service areas. And thanks to our preferred relationships with top manufacturers and installers, we can usually get you a shorter lead time, too.

Get Your Best Metal Building Solution from Metal Barn Central!

Purchasing a custom metal building is certainly a significant investment, but it’s an investment that pays off over time, too. Be sure to partner with a metal building provider that offers quality steel structures backed by the best possible customer service. That’s exactly what Metal Barn Central is known for! We can get you whatever you want or need in a metal building, and we also offer several preferred financing and RTO payment plans to meet your budget.

Why wait any longer, when you can get the new metal building solution you need right now? Reach out to us online, or connect even faster by simply giving us a call at (980) 365-8481  today!