Concerned About Energy Efficiency? Think Metal Buildings

Steel Buildings Are Fantastic Solutions

Metal buildings framed and paneled with steel have become a popular choice for property owners across the country, and work equally well for residential, farm, commercial, and industrial applications. Steel building kits make great garages, workshops, barns, commercial buildings, office buildings, barndominiums & metal building homes, and more. And the metal building kits provided by Metal Barn Central are known to be especially rugged, durable, weather-resistant, pest-resistant, fire-resistant, and low-maintenance.

That being said, it’s also fair to say that energy efficiency matters more than ever for modern building owners. It matters to homeowners and business owners who are looking to save on their energy costs, and it also matters to anyone and everyone who wants to be more intentional about conserving Earth’s precious resources. Choosing a steel structure for your building solution is an eco-friendly choice in its own right, since construction-grade steel contains a percentage of recycled content and is completely recyclable itself. Metal roofs and paneling are also naturally more reflective of solar radiation than other building materials, so that adds more built-in energy-efficient properties for your structure. Even so, there are other things you can do to improve the overall energy efficiency of your new metal building.

Start By Installing a Vapor Barrier

When it comes to owning a metal building, one of your first concerns is to m ake sure you minimize or eliminate any potential interior condensation issues. If the building you’re planning to install is an open-air metal shelter, you should have fewer condensation worries. As long as ambient air can flow freely both above and below the roof of your structure, interior condensation isn’t as much of a concern. But if you’re planning to go with a fully-enclosed metal building, then condensation is much more likely, unless you take appropriate preventative measures. And one of the best ways to mitigate condensation is by choosing to install a quality vapor barrier.

¶ Vapor Barrier Options

No matter how you intend to use your steel sheds or large metal buildings, you should plan to include a vapor barrier, along with some type of thermal insulation for additional temperature moderation. Here are some of the vapor barrier and insulation options we offer at Metal Barn Central:

¶ Single Bubble Vapor Barrier Insulation

Our single bubble insulation is the most economical option and comes with an R-value of 4. Single bubble insulation is basically a metal-wrapped vapor barrier that’s essentially designed to prevent moisture infiltration and interior condensation “sweating.”

¶ Double Bubble Vapor Barrier Insulation

Our double bubble insulation includes a second layer of wrapped air bubbles, delivering an effective R-value of 8. Double bubble is known to be effective as a vapor barrier, and it also provides a moderate amount of thermal insulation performance.

¶ DripStop Vapor Barrier

Unlike other vapor barrier products, DripStop is adhered to the metal paneling before it’s installed on your building. One advantage to this approach is that it saves you both time and money in onsite installation labor. DripStop is designed to trap any condensation that forms, and then releases that moisture back into the atmosphere once outdoor temperatures rise. This essentially prevents any interior condensation or moisture drips from occurring.

¶ Prodex-Equivalent Vapor Barrier Insulation

Metal Barn Central also offers a Prodex equivalent that’s worth considering. Unlike traditional bubble wrap products, this material is composed of woven reflective insulation that delivers an average R-value of 16. Prodex equivalents are effective at eliminating moisture and condensation concerns, and also prevent up to 97% of radiant heat transfer. Among the vapor barriers and insulation we can install for you, Prodex equivalents provide the best thermal insulation performance.


Why Insulation Matters for Metal Buildings

If you just plan to use your metal building for outdoor storage, you might be tempted to skip adding any extra insulation for initial building cost reasons. It’s true that traditional insulation isn’t essential for maintaining the structural integrity of a steel building, but there are still some measurable benefits that come from choosing to add thermal insulation, especially if you intend to finish out your structure.

Adding insulation will help to stabilize and maintain the interior temperature of your building, which can save you on heating and air costs. This is especially important if you’re planning for your own metal home. Since metal naturally conducts heat, an uninsulated metal building can leave you feeling much warmer than you’d prefer in the summer and cooler than you might like on a winter’s day.

Thankfully, there’s a simple solution. Adding insulation with sufficient R-value will mitigate any heat transfer, keeping your building interior much more comfortable in all seasons.

Good Insulation Options for Finishing Your Metal Building

If you’re looking to create a climate-controlled environment in your metal building, there are several good building insulation options available to you. These options include rolled insulation batts and blankets, insulated panels, and spray foam. Another great solution is to partner with a local blown insulation contractor to put loose-fill insulation in your attic and wall cavities, in order to achieve maximum thermal protection for your building.

Can Metal Buildings Really Be More Energy-Efficient Than Stick Builds?

Yes, they can! Many folks assume that a stick build would be more energy-efficient, but that’s not true at all. A well-insulated metal building can actually be up to 40% more energy-efficient than a stick-built structure. How?

Since steel framing is more dense and compact, you actually have more available cavity space for filling with insulation by choosing a metal building. More insulation equates to less demand on your HVAC system, meaning lower heating & air costs, too. And more insulation also means you can experience a higher level of external noise buffering with a well-insulated metal building.

Metal Barn Central Provides Perfect Metal Building Solutions

Metal Barn Central is all about providing you with the most innovative metal building solutions. For example, we’re the first major metal building provider to offer you the option of adding DripStop pre-installed on your building’s paneling!

If you’re looking for a custom steel structure, then look no further than Metal Barn Central! We provide all sizes and styles of metal buildings for any application, and we also deliver and install them for NO extra charge in our 46-state service area. We offer the best financing, and RTO plans in the business too; we even provide an attractive metal building home mortgage option.

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