Choosing the Right Size Dimensions for a 4-Car Garage

If you’re a proud owner of four vehicles in need of their own protected parking, installing a detached 4-car metal garage could be your perfect solution. In fact, large metal garages are useful for storing everything from lawn & garden equipment to tools to recreational equipment and more. Metal garages can even be custom-finished as man caves, she sheds, fitness centers, workshops, or whatever you may need.

But which four-car garage dimensions will suit your needs best? That’s an important question for you to answer when making plans for a quad garage, or any other garage application for that matter.

Is there actually a standard 4-car garage size? When it comes to larger metal buildings of this scope, there really isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. There are several ways to approach it, and one of the advantages of choosing Metal Barn Central is the fact that we individually design and deliver every custom steel structure we provide to meet your exact specifications.

How to Choose the Right Four-Car Garage Size

Four-car garages or quad garages need to be wide enough to accommodate four bays, and deep enough to be able to pull each vehicle in completely. Dimensions of 40’ x 21’ are a minimum starting place, but you can also go much larger. This 22’ x 45’ side entry garage is a good option if your primary need is to park four vehicles. Just note that a building of these dimensions doesn’t allow much wiggle room for storing anything beyond the four vehicles. Here are a few good questions to keep in mind as you’re making your custom garage plan:

  1. How many vehicles or large items do you need to store?

If it’s a 4-car garage you’re planning, then obviously, you can use it to store four cars or trucks. But you also have the flexibility to be able to park vehicles in some bays and then store other pieces of machinery, equipment, or other large items in the other bays. But no matter what your specific intentions are, it’s always a good idea to build in some buffer space for being able to navigate around your vehicles and other large stored items.

  1. What types of vehicles or machinery will be kept inside?

Some full-size trucks or other special-use vehicles might require a building depth greater than 21’. The same is true for longer items like RVs, motorhomes, and boats. But don’t worry; Metal Barn Central can provide metal buildings in any custom dimensions you may need.

  1. What’s the tallest vehicle or large item you’ll be storing?

Garage height matters too, especially if you have taller items to store. You’ll want to ensure there’s enough clearance to accommodate the tallest vehicle or item you plan to keep in your building. We can deliver & install steel structures all the way up to 20’ tall in most locations, so you’ll have no problem parking a high-profile vehicle like a bus, RV, camper, or large piece of farm equipment.

  1. How do you want to use your four-car garage now?

How do you plan to use your metal garage in the short term? Think about all the vehicles, equipment, and machinery you know you want to fit inside. To that point, you can also choose to add a lean-to on the side to provide some additional open-air shelter. There’s lots you can do with a combination garage, and Metal Barn Central can provide most any design of combination building you can think of.

  1. How might you need to use your quad garage in the future?

If you’re looking to add more vehicles to the fleet, or anticipate some additional storage needs in the future, it’s smart to choose a metal garage that includes some room for you to grow. Many of our customers come back to us saying they wish they’d gone with a larger building to begin with. Plus, deciding to invest in a larger metal building on the front end is actually more affordable than having to come back and do an additional building expansion later!

Still not sure which garage dimensions are right for you? Just connect with one of our Metal Barn Central building experts, we’d be glad to help you come up with the best plan to meet both your needs and your budget!

Why Steel Garages Are a Smart Choice

There are too many reasons to list why a strong, rugged steel structure makes for the best garage solution. Here are just a few. Our custom steel buildings are incredibly resistant to weather threats, moisture infiltration, and pests, and provide much better fire protection than comparable stick builds. Plus, you can customize your floor plan any way you like in order to take full advantage of all the available clear-span interior space. You also have the freedom to customize the colors of the roof, exterior side paneling, and trim to suit your tastes and preferences.

Get Your Best 4-Car Garage from Metal Barn Central!

Purchasing a large garage is definitely a significant investment to make. If you’re considering purchasing a metal garage for sale, it’s important to make sure that all your vehicles and other essential items will be properly protected. Metal Barn Central can provide any metal garage, metal barn, or other custom metal building to suit your needs. We also offer the best financing and RTO solutions, and are proud to back everything up with the best customer service in the industry.

Our friendly, knowledgeable building experts can help you with anything you might need in a new four-car garage, or anything else! Check us out at Metal Barn Central, or to connect with us directly, just give us a call today at +1 (980) 321-9898.