The Benefits of Choosing a Rugged Steel Building

What are the benefits of putting a rugged steel barn on your property? For starters, they’re advantageous over traditional wooden barns in almost every conceivable manner. They’re simply more sturdy, more versatile, are essentially maintenance-free, and are really more cost-effective per square foot. You really can’t buy better outdoor shelter for your horses, livestock, farm applications, agricultural pursuits!

But perhaps it’s not a barn you’re after. Maybe you’re looking for a carport or garage to park your personal vehicles. Or maybe you just need some dedicated general outdoor storage space. Or perhaps you’re looking for a building you can customize for other purposes such as a workshop, home office, hobby hut, man cave, she shed, or even some finished apartment space? The good news is that Metal Barn Central can meet your needs for all of these desired applications, and more!

But What About the Look of the Building?

Let’s be honest – prefab metal buildings haven’t always been known for their great looks. You may understand that a steel structure comes with many built-in benefits in terms of performance and longevity, but the last thing you want is for your custom structure to give the appearance of another blah-looking prefab building. At Metal Garage Central, we don’t just sell humdrum buildings; we provide custom-crafted, precision-engineered, built-to-order steel structures.

Don’t want to settle for a boring, boxy-looking metal building? You don’t have to! We offer an excellent selection of popular custom metal building design options, but we also give you the option to put on your own design hat and see what you can come up with. Your imagination is the only limit to the aesthetic possibilities!

Can I Match My New Steel Structure to My Other Buildings?

In a word … absolutely! Whether you’re looking to make a steel building addition to an existing structure, or would be better served by having a standalone building constructed on a convenient location on your property, we’ve got you covered.

For many homeowners, it’s important that their new steel structure be designed in a manner that helps it to blend it with other nearby buildings. We can help you with that! Or perhaps you might be interested in having your new metal building stand out a bit and make its own aesthetic statement. We can make that happen, too!

Steel Building Customization Options with Metal Barn Central

  • Building Dimensions – You can go with something like a small hay barn, or can also choose a custom building that’s 70’ wide, if that’s what you need. The length and width of your building are completely customizable, as well.
  • Steel Gauge Options – 14-gauge is a common standard for steel buildings, but you can go with a thicker 12-gauge steel if you’d prefer a more rugged structure. The gauges of your building’s roofing and siding panels are up to you, too.
  • Roof Style Choices – Speaking of your roof, we give you three popular styles from which to choose. Regular roofs include a familiar rounded look featuring standard horizontal paneling. Others will choose an A-frame roof, thanks to its design that more closely matches that of a house roof. Then there’s the vertical roof, which offers the strongest design and most reliable performance. When it comes to roofs, you’ve got options!
  • Points of Entry – With our buildings, you choose the location, number, and types of your entry points. Just want a simple frame out? Not a problem. Looking for some walk-in door, garage door, or window options? We can do those, too!
  • Gables & Trim – Depending upon your chosen building style, you can add attractive gables to either end for a more finished look. J-trim is also a decorative way to cover paneling edges and corners.
  • Colors – OK, let’s talk about colors. MBC currently offers a palette of 17 color choices for East Coast locations, with other color options depending upon your particular location. We’re sure to be able to help your building blend in – or stand out, if that’s what you prefer! You choose the color for your roof panels, side paneling, and trim. Rather go with a two-tone wainscot look? We can also make that happen!
  • Ready to visualize the possibilities? Take a moment to play around with our 3D Color Visualizer. Once you finish creating your preferred design, you can save it and have it emailed right to your inbox for free! One of our friendly building specialists will be happy to help you with further customizations, too.

Why Partner with Metal Barn Central?

At Metal Barn Central, we’re proud to offer the best steel buildings and structures you’ll find anywhere. None of our custom buildings comes out of a box or off of some shelf; everything we provide is built-to-order! Here are some more reasons you should trust Metal Barn Central for your perfect metal building solution:

  • We partner with only the best metal building manufacturers in the country, and our exclusive partnerships with these local builders mean we can get you your building faster, too!
  • Delivery & installation of your building is INCLUDED with purchase – at no extra charge – anywhere in our service area across the contiguous United States!
  • Nobody in the industry offers you more ways to help you be able to afford the steel building you need – we’ve got the best traditional financing, rent-to-own, and layaway plans in the business!
  • Nobody beats our standards for building quality or personalized customer service, either!

Ready to get started? You can reach out to us online, or if you’d prefer to just speak with a live human, you can go ahead and give us a call at (980) 321-9898. Give us a chance to show you the Metal Barn Central difference!