Can You Customize a Metal Building to Make It Look Good?

Metal structures are as tough as they come

If you’re planning to add an outdoor structure to your property, steel buildings are really the best way to go in terms of strength, durability, weather resistance, pest resistance, and fire resistance. Metal buildings are versatile too. They lend themselves to all sorts of residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial applications, including carports, RV covers, garages, storage buildings, barns, barndominiums and residential homes, workshops, warehouses, office buildings, retail storefronts, and more. There’s another key benefit to choosing a steel tube-framed building, too – it’s typically much more cost-effective to construct than any comparable stick build.

One hesitation that some property owners have with purchasing a metal building has to do with aesthetics. Many assume that all metal buildings look the same – boxy and boring. But that really isn’t the case at all!

Metal buildings don’t have to look boring, either

But one question that we get a lot at Metal Barn Central is this: Can a metal building really be customized to give me the exact look I want? If you partner with us, then yes, it really can. Modern metal buildings don’t have to be boxy and uninteresting. In fact, you can personalize your custom metal building in a variety of ways. Let’s dig deeper to explore the possibilities.

Start by deciding what you want and need in a metal building

How do you plan to use your metal building, exactly? If the sky were the limit, what would you want to include? Does it need to be partially-enclosed, fully-enclosed, or include a combination of both? What are you thinking in terms of entry points and windows? Deciding answers to questions like these will help you to make a better building plan.

How big of a building do you want to go with? Your space needs could grow over time, so it might be more cost-effective to opt for a bigger building now, as opposed to having to pay for an additional building expansion down the road. But no matter which building dimensions you choose, the engineering team at Metal Barn Central is poised to deliver.

Metal building customization possibilities

With Metal Barn Central, you’ve got options. One benefit of choosing a steel tube-framed structure is that you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to deciding all the details of your commercial metal building. Here are just a few of your customization options with Metal Barn Central:

  • We provide vertical roofs as a standard practice, since they’re the strongest and most reliable roof design for metal buildings. But you have the option to choose a step-down roof or a similar barn-style look, along with some other attractive configurations.
  • We also provide 14-gauge steel framing as a default standard, but you can choose to upgrade to a sturdier 12-gauge that provides commercial-grade strength, depending upon what your building needs and goals require.
  • Metal paneling options? We’ve got those for your roof and building sides, too. You can either choose a standard 29-gauge grade of steel paneling, or an even stronger 26-gauge.
  • Paneling and trim color options? We’ve got plenty. We offer a full palette of colors, including the ability to go with an attractive two-tone wainscot, if that’s what you prefer.
  • Want to take your building exterior to another aesthetic level? We’re the only provider to offer and install Qora Cladding for metal buildings. This is a revolutionary siding product line that captures the look and texture of authentic stone, brick, and natural wood. It requires much less maintenance, costs less, and goes on faster with less needed labor.
  • What about building access points? We’ve got standard roll-up doors, walk-in doors, and windows, but we also offer premium solutions for all three, including automatic door openers for garage-style doors, 9 Lite panel walk-in doors, and fully operable vinyl windows.
  • Want to add some awnings, or even have the option to add a wrap-around porch? Would you like to add some cupolas to really set the roof apart visually? We provide all of these customizations, as well.
  • Ready to think about your vapor barrier and building insulation options? We’ve got plenty. We offer standard single-bubble and double-insulation vapor barriers like everyone else, but we don’t stop there.

    We can also install a ProDex equivalent that delivers more R-value, and we’re the first metal building provider to offer pre-installed DripStop for metal paneling. DripStop is the most effective vapor barrier available. It provides greater peace of mind, and the fact that it comes pre-installed on your panels means it can also save you in onsite building installation labor costs.

Metal Building

Metal building for sale: cost factors

You may be wondering what a custom metal building costs. While construction material costs have risen across the board in recent years, steel tubing structures are still the most cost-effective solution, and can be considerably cheaper to build per square foot. Your specific metal building pricing will come down to key factors, including building dimensions, chosen customizations, and installation location.

Can I install steel building kits myself?

Metal Barn Central is happy to deliver and install your new metal building anywhere inside our 46-state service area, for NO additional charge with building purchase. But if you’d like to pick up your custom-fabricated building materials and install them yourself at a discount, we give you that option, too. Each personalized metal building kit comes with all the building materials you’ll need for a successful installation.

Metal Barn Central has your custom metal building needs covered

Metal Barn Central is here to provide you with the most innovative metal building solutions. If it’s a custom steel structure you need, you’ll find it at Metal Barn Central! We provide whatever size and style of metal building you may need for any application, and we also deliver the best customer experience in the business. We also offer the BEST financing, and RTO plans you can find, including an attractive metal building home mortgage option for finished residential building applications.

You can connect with us online, but for a faster response, simply give us a call today at (980) 365-8481 and speak with one of our friendly building experts!