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Metal Horse Barns

A Safe, Affordable Shelter for Your Horses

To own horses is to love horses. At Metal Barn Central, we understand how important your equine family is to you. As a horse owner, you can choose from a large selection of horse barns for sale which are built from a variety of materials. Before you make your choice, here are some advantages of metal horse barns to consider:

  • Affordability

Make your hard earned dollar stretch further by choosing a metal horse barn or prefab horse barn over a wooden one. Regardless of your horse barn plans, you will save money on the initial build and down the road if you decide to expand or modify your barn. Unparalleled customization options—Steel prefab horse barns are by nature easy to customize and add onto in the future. As long as you have the space, your barn can grow with your horse family or business without breaking the bank.

  • Low maintenance

Metal horse barns require little to no maintenance, providing you with a beautiful, hassle-free metal barn for years to come. Unlike wood, they don’t need to be repainted or restained every five or so years, and because paint is applied during the manufacturing process, it is covered under our warranty.

  • Resilience

Our custom metal barns, built with 12- or 14-gauge galvanized steel, are made to withstand harsh elements, including heavy snow and wind loads, without rotting, bowing, cracking, or becoming insect infested like their wooden counterparts. Safety—In addition to being built to withstand harsh elements, our metal barns are not flammable, which can help minimize the damage caused by barn fire.

  • Cleanliness

As a horse owner, you know how important it is to keep a clean barn not only for looks but also for the health of your horses. Metal horse barns are easy to clean and dry quickly. You don’t need to worry about applying a special sealant as you would with wood.

Horse barns prices vary depending on size, quality, and customization. Metal Barn Central has a great selection of high quality metal barns with customization options to fit just about any budget. Prices include free installation and delivery, and our expert installers can typically install a new barn in one day! Check out our barn buying guides for more information or contact one of our helpful customer service representatives to get started on designing your new barn.