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There’s nothing quite like the peace of mind you get from having a clean, organized home. Clutter makes it hard to focus and can increase feelings of stress and depression, so it’s no wonder that we want clutter-free homes. And now achieving that has never been easier, with a metal storage building from Metal Barn Central. These buildings are the best way to declutter your home, store stuff for your business, store your agricultural equipment, and anything else you could ever need!

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There’s nothing quite like the peace of mind you get from having a clean, organized home. Clutter makes it hard to focus and can increase feelings of stress and depression, so it’s no wonder that we want clutter-free homes. And now achieving that has never been easier, with a metal storage building from Metal Barn Central. These buildings are the best way to declutter your home, store stuff for your business, store your agricultural equipment, and anything else you could ever need!


How Much Will My Storage Building Cost?

One of the most important factors when building a steel structure or metal building kit is the cost. It’s an important question! And at Metal Barn Central, we want you to know what affects the prices of our metal buildings. Every building will sell a unique price tag because of its customizability. The best way to get a real-time price estimate is to use our 3D Metal Building Estimator!  This cutting-edge browser-based program allows you to fully design your new metal barn and see its price in real-time from the comfort of your couch.


Understanding the ins & outs of Metal Building Pricing

Many factors affect the price of your new metal storage building. Every metal barn we sell is unique, and the prices are dependent on your metal building’s size, its customizations, the certifications and permits it needs, and your location.

1. Think About Size

The size of your new metal building or storage building kit is one of the things that will impact your building’s price the most. As you can imagine, the larger your steel storage building is, the higher the price is likely to be. This is because more materials are required to construct larger buildings. But, if the price tag isn’t first among your list of considerations, you’ll be happy to know that Metal Barn Central offers metal barns in almost any size you could need or want.

2. Think About Customizations

All of our buildings are 100% customizable. These customizations, however, do affect the price of your metal barn. The more your building deviates from the “standard” options, the higher the price will be. But what are the possible deviations? At Metal Barn Central, you can customize the roof and wall paneling gauges, the framing gauge, the type of windows and doors, the color, and the type of add-ons your building will need.

3. Think About Permits & Certifications

Another thing that can affect the price of your storage building is the kind of permits you’ll need. All buildings require a permit of some kind. The best way to figure out what permits you will need for your structure is by contacting your local zoning and planning commission. Barns used for residential purposes typically have stricter building codes and requirements, so you’ll want to be prepared for additional red tape and incurred costs if you intend to turn your new metal barn into a finished home.

You will also need to research which certifications you’ll need when budgeting for your metal barn storage building. Certifications are assurances that your building can withstand certain levels of natural phenomena. Your building can be certified to withstand wind, snow, and even seismic activity. Metal structures manufactured by Metal Barn Central are engineered to meet the certification standards for your area.

4. Think About Location

Your location can also significantly impact the price of your storage building kit in several ways. First, your location will affect which manufacturer we use for your metal building. Metal Barn Central works with top-notch manufacturers across the country to support local companies, but it does affect our pricing. Every manufacturer has slight differences in the way they price their services.

The second way your location affects the price of your storage building is its remoteness. The more remote your installation site is, the higher the price is likely to be. It’s easier for our installation crews to work in suburban neighborhoods and level environments than in remote mountainous areas.

Finally, your location can also affect your metal building’s price because it directly impacts the certifications you need. Metal barns built in areas that experience frequent severe weather, high winds, hurricanes, or earthquakes will require more certifications than buildings in areas with calm weather. Additional certifications will increase the building’s cost.


You Get So Much More Than Storage

Metal Barn Central is the top provider of metal storage buildings, but did you know that our structures aren’t just for storing cars and equipment? Our metal barns have commercial, residential, agricultural, and industrial applications. In fact, we’ve seen our customers get creative in a wide variety of ways. Below are some interesting uses we’ve seen for our metal storage buildings:

• Vehicle shelter

Metal barns make some of the best carports and garages. Steel is a great material to protect your car from rain, wind, snow, and just about anything Mother Nature can dish out.

• Auto repair facility

Whether you own a business or simply like to tinker, our metal buildings make fantastic auto repair shops. In addition to having options for multiple bay doors, they’re easy to clean and provide lots of open space to work.

• Warehousing

Warehouses often need plenty of open square footage, and Metal Barn Central’s metal buildings function perfectly for this use. Their open span design allows our buildings to stand strong without the need for support pillars.

• Inventory record house

Much like metal buildings being great for warehouses, metal barns also make fantastic inventory houses with tons of space to store your stuff and keep it organized. You’ll never have to worry about losing track of important records.

• Man cave/ She shed

Everyone needs somewhere to get away from it all! Whether you want a place to play video games, give yourself a spa day, or just relax with a good book, a metal barn makes the perfect man cave or she-shed.

• Guesthouse

Our metal buildings also function well as guesthouses. Metal barns can be transformed into beautiful living spaces that provide a place for visiting relatives or students returning home from college.

• Sports equipment storage

Metal structures are a great solution for sports fanatics whose house is likely bursting at the seams with sports equipment. It’s a great way to give all that stuff a permanent home and clear your living space of clutter.

• Greenhouse

Whether you’re an avid gardener or just beginning a new hobby, a metal greenhouse is an amazing way to take your skills to the next level. These structures are a great place to start your seeds or extend your growing season.

• Playhouse

Just like parents need a place to relax, kids need a place to let loose and be themselves. What better place is there than their very own playhouse? A metal barn functions well as a playhouse! It’s easy to maintain, resistant to pests, and can easily be decorated any way you like.

• Agricultural storage

Metal barns are the perfect place to store hay, animal feed, farm equipment, or even shelter animals. In fact, they function so well that they are the most popular choice in building material for farms and agriculture operations!

• Home office/business

Are you working from home and having a hard time separating work from play? Metal buildings provide a perfect way to separate your work and home life.

• Home gym

If you’ve been trying to get in shape but can’t make it to the gym every day or can’t bring yourself to pay for the membership dues, we have the solution! Build your very own home gym with a premium metal building!

24×50 Combo Utility Building

What to do Before You Buy

Before purchasing a new metal barn, you will want to ensure that your installation site is prepped. There are a few essential steps you’ll need to take to make sure it’s ready.

1. Decide where your building will be.

This step is the most obvious. You need to know exactly where your building will go. This step is particularly important if you plan to buy new land.

2. Clear all brush and debris from the area.

Clearing out all brush and debris ensures that the installation team can efficiently get to your building site and that no extra last-minute hangups take place. Just like you, we want your installation to go as smoothly as possible!

3. Level the area.

A metal building is only as strong as its foundation. If your foundation is unlevel, the integrity of your metal barn will be compromised. Buildings built on unlevel terrain are subject to issues that may compromise the integrity of your structure or develop into further damage. For more information on ensuring that your installation site is level, you may want to consult with a grading specialist.

4. Mark all utility lines.

Marking utility lines helps prevent accidental electrical shock and ensures that crucial lines are not damaged during the installation process. It’s also imperative to have utility lines installed prior to installation day if you wish to have utilities in your metal building.

5. Lay your foundation.

If you intend to have anything other than a ground foundation, you must have it laid and cured before our installation team arrives. All asphalt or concrete must be completely dry before installation.


DIY Like a Pro With Metal Barn Central’s Storage Building Kits

Metal Barn Central is proud to provide high-quality metal barn storage kits. These kits are made from the same premium materials as our traditional metal buildings, with the only difference being that you handle the installation yourself! Each metal building kit is forged from the finest quality steel cut to the proper length, pre-drilled for quick fastening,

and welded into the correct shapes. They even feature customizable paint schemes and protective coatings for additional protection from the elements!  And our kits come with everything you need to get started. Just bring your tool belt and a little know-how!

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list to give you an idea of what will come with your new metal building kit:

  • Steel framing members and supports
  • Roofing panels
  • Your desired wall paneling
  • All windows and doors
  • All needed fastening hardware
  • All needed building anchors
  • Any extra customization features, like gables and trim
  • Engineering drawings



Save Your Money

Metal building kits take affordability to the next level. Metal Barn Central’s metal buildings have some of the most competitive prices on the market, but they are even more affordable in the form of a building kit. We’re able to offer better prices for our kits because you’ll be handling the installation yourself.

Challenge Yourself

We all have that desire to see a project through to the end. And what better way to show off your construction prowess than by installing a metal storage building? These kits are made to streamline the installation process and are an excellent option for anyone with a bit of technical know-how!

Do It on Your Time

By choosing a metal building kit, you get to install the structure on your own time! There’s no need to rearrange your schedule for installers. Avoid the logistical headaches and do it when it’s convenient for you!


Choose Value; Choose Metal Barn Central

Metal Barn Central is a top provider of premium metal buildings and proudly stands above the competition. We feature some of the most competitive prices in the industry and provide a superior product and superior customer service.

And that’s not all! With our 3D Building Estimator, you can design and customize your new metal building without ever leaving the comfort of your home. View, change, and adjust your new structure to your liking in real-time!

For those wanting a more DIY approach, our premium metal building kits are

a fantastic option. They provide you with the same gorgeous product as our traditional metal buildings without the hassle of scheduling installation.


Steel is Stronger Than All

When you store your stuff, you want it to stay safe and in its best condition. You don’t want it to get messed up by mold, rain, or pests. And unfortunately, wooden structures don’t offer you much protection. There’s a better way! A steel storage building from Metal Barn Central is the best way to protect your valuables.


Stronger than the Weather

Severe weather can wreak havoc on the things you’re trying to store away. Falling debris can break fragile items, and heavy rains can mess things up in many ways. Our steel barns and buildings keep rain from seeping in and will stand strong against falling debris.

Stronger Than Pests

Unlike wooden alternatives, metal storage buildings are impervious to termites and other creepy critters. Their strong steel siding is too hard for any creature to bite, gnaw, or dig through, and they make terrible homes for rodents or insects. You can rest assured knowing that your stuff is safe with a metal building.

Stronger Than Moisture

Since steel doesn’t soak up moisture, you never have to worry about the harmful effects of rain and humidity. Your building won’t harbor mold or mildew, and it won’t rust through, either.


Bring Your Storage Dreams to Life with Metal Barn Central

If you’re looking for a durable, quality-made metal storage building, look no further than Metal Barn Central. We offer the best quality, best prices, and best service in the industry. It’s our goal to bring your dreams to life, and we’ve formed our business around doing just that. Our experienced team of building specialists is ready to answer any questions you may have along the way. So, what are you waiting for? Call us today at (980) 255-5249 to see what we can do for you!