Pole Barns Vs. Metal Buildings: Which one is the best?

Pole Barns or Pole Barn Kits are terms often loosely used to describe an agricultural or storage need where the person looking for a garage of a barn may be envisioning a steel building.


We are frequently asked about pole barn prices and pole barn buildings for sale. What is our reply? We supply and deliver steel buildings that are cost effective and delivered and installed on your property for lesser the price of a pole barn. Now, if you’re wondering what that means, keep reading on. To determine if you need a pole barn or a metal building, here is a look at the differences between a pole barn and a steel building:



What are Steel Buildings and Metal Barns?


Our metal barns and buildings are prefabricated as kits with factory-precise components for quick and easy on-site assembly that our subcontracting installation crew does on your land lot. The base rail runs through the length of the steel buildings where the legs are anchored every 4 or 5 feet in length. The space between two frames is called a “bay.” The legs are connected to the bows and trusses (for buildings wider than 22 feet).


All the primary framing pieces are cut, welded, and drilled for fast bolt-together construction. The remaining framing components and roof and wall panels are applied with self-drilling screws.



What is a Pole Barn?


A pole barn has been the traditional name for a large agricultural building with no basement, a high ceiling, and wide open spaces. The slang term is referred to as “pole barns” or “pole buildings,” even though that terminology does ruffle some feathers among the building crowd. A pole barn, by definition, has intrusive poles which minimize the internal clear span or your open space under roof.



Why Use Metal Buildings in Place of Pole Barns?


The benefits of a steel building outweigh the cost benefits of a pole barn – Granted, you don’t need an entire foundation for a pole barn like you do for a steel building, but other than that there is hardly another advantage favoring the use of Pole Barns over Steel Buildings.


  • Steel frames do not rot or deteriorate. Same cannot be said about wood which does show signs of ageing with passing years making the structure susceptible to damage.
  • Molds and Termites and more?? We go you covered. Our buildings are insect free. Wasps, bees, and hornets may not bring down a wood structure, but they for sure like to live in one, taking away the enjoyment and peace you want to have in your building/barn.
  • Metal Buildings and Steel Barns offer clear span. A pole barn, by definition, has intrusive poles which minimize the internal clear span or your open space under roof. The cost of making a pole barn clear span is much higher whereas steel buildings are by default clear span with widths up to 60 feet on offer.
  • Prefabricated steel buildings have anchors and braces that are made of high quality steel. While the anchors ensure stability, the braces keep the roof intact for years. Wood structures are connected with nails and staples that loosen and pull out over time as wood contracts and expands with its ever-changing moisture content, causing the framing to shift, warp, sag, and creep.
  • Pole barns are expensive to maintain. One often overlooked fact is that the wooden poles of the barn get shifted subsequently causing a skew in the original building structure. Every 7-8 years, you will have to correct the barn pole orientation to make them straight. This expense may run into thousands of dollars depending on how big your pole barn. It also means pausing of work or finding another storage utility if that is how you intend to use your barn.
  • Steel has some great inherent properties. It is non-combustible and doesn’t add fuel to a fire mishap. Also, steel is one of the most recycled materials on earth. If you are buying a steel barn in place of a pole building, you are not leaching out any bad chemicals into the soil.
  • The sheet of your metal building or barn has a significant impact on your total cost of ownership. While we offer both 26 and 29 ga sheet metal, for commercial operations and big metal buildings, we always suggest 26 ga sheet panels. These panels are inherently strong and we offer a 20 year rust warranty on these panels under normal circumstances. Unlike a pole barn building, you got zero chance of replacement of panels because of rust.
  • Pole barns have truss-type rafters which not only take up building space, but create a perfect place for birds to roost and nest, spreading their droppings over your building’s contents— and depositing the possibility of Avian flu.


If you’re in the market for cheap pole barn kits, then look no further. We got better buildings than pole barns which will last longer and will be delivered and installed within the price you will buy the material for a pole barn structure. Remember, Metal building kits can be customized for any use with unique elevations, colors & accessories. Free same day prices available on all steel building kits.


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